Kurdistan Region


The Kurdistan Region of Iraq also known as Iraqi Kurdistan, is an autonomous region in Iraq comprising the four Kurdish-majority governorates of Dohuk, Erbil, Halabja, and Sulaymaniyah and bordering Iran, Syria, and Turkey.The population of this area is estimated at around 8 million.Erbil or Hawler is one of the cities of Iraqi Kurdistan and the capital of Erbil province, as well as the center of Iraqi Kurdistan.Sulaymaniyah is the capital of the Iraqi province of Sulaymaniyah. The city is located in the northeast of Iraqi Kurdistan.The governorate has an estimated population of 2,219,194.
Since 2003 Iraq has seen a huge economic boom. Sulaymaniyah’s economy today relies on tourism, agriculture and a number of small factories, most of which are involved in the building trade.
One of the government’s priorities involves putting in place economic diversification measures. In addition to exploiting our wealth of sustainable energy sources, these initiatives will also encourage investment in other sectors such as construction.


About CHP Show


Befor the Corona Pandemic, building, installation, and electrical events were held simultaneously at general exhibitions in Sulaymaniyah, and were held frequently due to reconstruction issues in Iraq and the need for construction products and facilities. After Corona limitations and restart the exhibitions, All three events take place in the form of an exhibition which is called CHP Show, and participants in each of these events, who participated in public exhibitions in previous years, participate in a more specialized and targeted event. CHP is an intelligent exhibition designed based on urban development of Sulaymaniyah Iraqi Kurdistan, market research and commensurate with the volume of construction and the needs of this market and the coefficient of development of Iraqi Kurdistan in this area.

What is needed today in the Iraqi Kurdistan market is the specialization of development activities, which is well considered in the CHP Show.

Identifying the Iraq & Kurdistan market

Creating new markets in the Kurdistan region and Iraq

leading platform to present your latest technologies, solutions, services and products and innovations

Grow your brand

You will meet:


building materials traders and distributors.


project owners


Energy, lighting and Air-conditioning Specialists


Business owners, and decision markers.

Exhibition Profile:


Construction & Building materials

construction systems & technologies – stone – cement – gypsum – floor covering – clinker bricks concrete – porous concrete – reinforced and carbon concrele – pumice fiber cement building materials – facade systems prefabricated – modular constructions – plasters – tools – insulation material – water and moisture isolation material – sandwich panels – smart buildings – engineering services . . ..

Doors and windows

wood – aluminum – plastics – glass systems – machines for aluminum and steel work – facade systems – glass structures – locks & handles – foils .

Elevators /Escalators

controllers – door drives and related – accessories cabins – hoist ropes – trailing cables – variable voltage and variable frequency inverters – push buttons – landing operating panels – LCDs – infra-red light curtains – remote monitoring of elevators and escalators – access control systems traction machines – speed governor – guide rails – mechanical fabrication – safety and security systems automated doors – gears – sensors . . .

Iron products/Steel /Stainless steel

profiles – building materials – roof building materials and many more . . .

Heavy machinery /Cranes & Scaffolds

construction vehicles – cranes & drilling machinery – earth-removing and mining machinery – loaders & lifting machinery – tractors – heavy machinery & equipment – formwork & scaffolding . . .

Tiles / Ceramics Facades

tiles – ceramics facades – sanitary technology – fitting accessories mosaic – parquet . . .

Chemical building products

plasters – varnishes – paints – adhesives – heat & cold protection – fire & noise protection – insulation materials – seals – coating . . .

Ideal home

bath & shower accessories- bathroom furniture- beds & mattresses cabinets & sideboards- clocks & mirrors-cookware-curtain & blinds decorative accessories & photo frames- dining chairs & bar stools-dining tables- fans, heaters & purifiers -home & kitchen appliances-hot tubs & outdoor pools- kitchen sinks & taps- rugs, carpets & flooring-safety & security- services-smart home devices -sofas & armchairs-soft furnishing & cushions-wardrobes


Heating, ventilation, A.C and cooling Technologies (H.V.A.C)
Heating by hot air, water & solar systems
Split and Central air conditioning Cooling
Towers and Industrial Refrigeration & Chillers
Ventilation and turbine fans
Air ducts (Fixed & Expendable)
Air purification –Humidifying –Dehumidifying
Fan coils and heat coil exchanges
Steam Technology Burners, boilers and Radiators
Water Treatment & Purification Desalination Plants
Water management and distribution networks & Meters
Water well drilling Equipment & Accessories
Plumbing System, Valves, pipes & Gauges
Sewage pipes and fitting
Drainage systems – Pumps and filters
Alarm, fire, safety and security system
Building Control and Automation Systems

Power & Electricity


Building Lighting systems
Lighting Equipments
Street Lighting
Fluorescent Lighting
Large Area Lighting
Residential Lighting


Solar Energy Concentrate
Photovoltaic Solar Energy
Onshore & Offshore Wind Energy
Subsoil Heat Energy


Power Stations
Cables and Wires
Power Plant Equipment
High Voltage Transmission
Distribution Networks
Switchgear Products
Diagnostic Equipment
Monitoring & Control
Portable Generators
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Supplies
Switches and Controls – Power Protection



Sulaimaniyah International Fair, Tasluja, Kurdistan Region, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

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(+90) 5366638832